About Artist


Art for Bhavna is an expression of life and its various moods and moments, a celebration of its joy, a pang of its pains, reminder of losses and a mirror of hope. She is a versatile painter and works in acrylics . Her work includes both abstracts and figurative with a glimpse of leaves and nature.

Bhavna has been born and brought up in Delhi,and was educated as an Interior Designer. and she was working with an Interior designer firm in Delhi She has been painting since childhood and has a deep interest,love and passion for the subject. After her marriage she shifted to Chennai and it was in the city of temples and traditions, that she started learning the subject professionally and persistently under the able guidance of renowned artist Mrs Kamla Ravikumar.

She loves to use and experiment with new tricks and techniques. For most of her art She has used stamping with leaves this gives a magical feeling and creates a personal reference for each viewer. The effect can be achieved with the help of gesso. Gesso is a primer and the artist loves to love with it. According to the artist a successful texture application is that which invites the viewer to keep looking at it and adds on to the visual interest. In addition to the texture she uses, she is quite fond of using layers and gels in her painting. This gives a depth and dimension to the painting..
Her first Solo Exhibition Divine Intervention was held at the Cholamandal Artist Village Chennai and it was dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Lord of beginnings and his Omnipresence. Since then she has worked and developed as an artist . She has had many successful shows in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur art galleries and art shows

Her motivation and inspiration in her life and throughout her art has been her loving husband and her mother . Her mother has always encouraged her and has also shown faith in her and her husband Vineet has been very understanding and has been her driving source and her best critics he is the one who has made his dream to make me what I am – It is said that besides every successful man there is a women but in my case it is the opposite my husband is behind my every win and success.

She just wants to change the approach of people towards the subject when many people feel that its just a hobby or you cannot earn much . She feels its a creative subject and you can showcase your inner thoughts and dreams through your art.

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