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‘Navratri’ means ‘nine nights.’ ‘Nava’ means ‘nine,’ and ‘Ratri’ means ‘night.’It is a nine day festival which is celebrated across India and in the East it is also known as Durga Puja, and is celebrated with full fervour.During Navratri we worship the Shakti referred as Goddess Durga

 The Festival signifies the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura.. The puja that we perform during the 9 days of Navratri is a way of honouring the Devi and the feminine nature of the divine devi and also showing our gratitude to the Mother Divine. During these nine days Goddess Shakti is worshiped in her various forms as Maa Durga ,Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati Each of the three deities give rise to three more forms representing the finer meaning of each form. Hence in all, these nine forms are known as Navdurga.

On the first three days of the Navratri Goddess Durga is worshiped in the three forms Devi Shailputri,Devi Brahmacharini and Devi Chandraghanta Goddess Durga represents the power of good over evil, She also combats evils and demonic forces that can threaten peace and prosperity. It further means a person with evil tendencies like laziness,ignorance,ego,jealousy,anger,greed will not let the person rise and achieve true peace and happiness. So we must get rid of these evil qualities with determination and fearlessness.

From the fourth to the sixth day Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in three forms Devi Kushmanda, Devi Skandamata and Devi Katyayani. Goddess Lakshmi is always associated with wealth and prosperity. She is believed to improve health and also bestow wealth and strength. It is also believed that all the power to bestow Siddhis and Niddhis are located in her Jap Mala.Now to understand this further it means that we humans need to inculcate the ideas and qualities of self discipline, kindness love and respect towards one another and these qualities are more important than material wealth

The last three days Goddess Saraswati is worshiped in three forms Devi Kaaliratri Maha Gauri and Devi Siddhiratri . Goddess Saraswati is associated with learning and knowledge It is only with knowledge that we can get rid of negative energies within us and create a perfect harmony in our life and also achieve something that looks impossible but we can make it possible and become fearless

The garba dance is an essential part of navratris. Traditionally it is performed during the nine days.

100 Posts

I am really excited I have reached 100 posts, honestly I don’t keep a count of the number of posts I have written, it was only when I received the notification that I realized that I have actually reached the 100th Post.

This is my 100th Post on my blog, and I would really want to thank everyone who has read,liked,commented on my blog bhavkriti – Bhavna Yadav . This blog has helped me to find tons of friends, who have encouraged and supported me

To celebrate the milestone I want to share with you some of the images of my artwork and travel diaries

I hope you all continue reading and will keep coming back to see the updates

Zaanse Schans – Dutch Windmill Village

Zaanse schans village is very beautiful.It is a very special and unique village on the banks of the river Zaanse. The village is famous for wooden houses windmills . These are traditional dutch houses .

Windmills are an important part of the dutch culture . Further some of the windmills are still in operation. The tourists can understand the importance of these windmills and how they function.

Besides these windmills there are also some museums here like the bakery museum, here you can taste freshly baked cookies. Around the village there are some small farms . Here farm animals like sheep , goats can be seen.

It is a truly wonderful place and we had a great time and also we learnt a lot about the windmills

Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October, the birth of Gandhiji – The father of the Nation is celebrated by remembering his teaching and ideas. The ideas of Non Violence, Swaraj and Honesty has won us our Independence. But how much is it relevant in today’s age ?

Non Violence

Gandhiji’s principle of Non Violence was based on compassion . In today’s time there is a great rise in anger and frustration. Many times this anger also results in physical violence .  

When we hear the word Non Violence, many of us firmly believe that we practise Non Violence, but we need to check violence can be in the physical form to hit someone, to exploit someone and lastly to hurt someone by the use of harsh words.Today we need to see that the words we speak are clean, and there is no thought of anger or aggression in them. We must try and avoid any thought or word that can cause pain or hurt to someone. Many times we have noticed that these pain continue for years and it only causes discomfort and pain.

Today let us try and be non violent not only in the physical form but also in our words and thoughts by doing this our mind will become clean . Clean from every aspect of negativity.

Swaraj – Self Rule 

Swaraj or self rule is to be free from any kind of influences and control .  In order to achieve the best in ourselves we require self control and self discipline . Also discipline increases will power and we are able to accomplish many impossible tasks


Gandhiji always believed in honesty and condemned the act of lying .

We all desire honesty and authenticity in people. Authenticity means to be the same inside and outside It happens so many times when we say something else and we mean something else. This is not harmony  However it’s not always black and white.

Lisbon Zoo

We visited the lisbon zoo in 2019.It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and is quite large and has a large variety of animals and birds some of which I saw for the first time, some of the animals included the giraffes,lions,elephants,penguins,dolphins and many more . There are also some amazing shows which are conducted these include the dolphin show and the bird show.We enjoyed the day and it is worth a visit., had a great time.

I miss those days

when I ran after the butterfly to hold its wing

when Ice cream and chocolate filled me with happiness and brought a smile to my face

when seeing the balloons brought joy to me

when looking at the rainbow brought happiness and also made me wonder with so many questions

when I made paper boats and saw it floating

when we siblings played Ludo and carom and when we had those innocent little fights

when we got wet in the rain and Mummy use to make delicious pakora

when I believed that Santa Claus actually exists

when I celebrated my birthday with everyone

when we went to school, had friends in the school bus

when we use to put white chalk on our shoes to make them to look clean

when I use to have total fun in the summer breaks and finish the holiday homework in the last few days

when we had silly fights with friends

Remembering all those beautiful days brings a smile to my face, I wish I could go back to that time


I’ve hit 200 likes I know this does’nt seem much but I am quite excited and happy and want to say a big Thank you all to all those who have taken an interest in my blog and have been following me and for all the comments and likes on my posts.

Thanks once again for your views and visits and do continue reading .

Teacher’s Day

It is celebrated on the birthday of former President Sarvapalli Radhakrishan. He was a teacher and promoter of education

“The teacher is not the one who forces facts into the mind of the student but he who prepares him for the challenges of tomorrow.” These beautiful words by him explains how a teacher helps in making a student a great personality.

The future of a country lies in the hands of its children and teachers  lay the foundation to a child’s success in life and becoming a good human being.

Today as I remember all my teachers I would like to thank them for shaping me and always supporting me. There are some teachers who are always special in a students life . To me it is my class teacher in Class 8C, Mrs James.

Mrs James or ‘Maam’ as we addressed her was full of positivity; her vibes and energy were very high. She taught Maths which I never liked as a subject but she was very understanding and supportive . She was full of warmth and care. She boosted our confidence. She has helped me in becoming a better person and not to judge anyone.

Today I present to you an art conversation with my art Guru Mrs. Kamla Ravi Kumar, who not only helped me in understanding the subject but also made me realize my dream.

Her answers to questions are give below:

1.What do you like most about being an artist?

“It gives me the freedom to express my emotions through colour and design. It is also my stress buster. I become very calm and relaxed when I start painting or drawing and forget all my problems. I am very happy when I am drawing or painting.”

2. Did you always want to be an artist?

“From the very fact that I did an art course I knew that I wanted to be in the creative field and do creative things.

I have been an Interior Designer for nearly 10 years where I loved designing offices and residences. I started my studio to teach students and impart my knowledge about art and craft.”

3.  If not an artist what would you be ?

“ I would be an environmental activist since environmental well being is my next love.

I have been working with an NGO in Chennai, as a volunteer, teaching and creating environmental awareness to teachers and school kids.

I feel humans are abusing nature and the surroundings.”

4.What inspires you to paint ?

“My urge to create and translate my thoughts and emotions through my paintings inspires me.

In my first series of paintings, I explored the elements of nature.

Later, it was my fascination for Yoga that led me to teach and showcase Yoga and its amazing benefits through my art. I also have about thirty sculptures of Yoga Asanas and Yoga Mudra and twenty paintings of the various yoga asanas.”

5. What’s your work day like?

“I have a separate studio away from my home , which is my place of work .It is also the place where hobby artists and children come to learn from me.

I am in my studio in the morning for classes with hobby artists till lunch time. Here working women and home makers come to learn all types of media including water colours, oils, acrylics, charcoal or just pencil sketching.

I teach all the folk arts of India like Warli art, Madhubani painting, Gond painting, Kerala murals, Pichwai painting, and reverse glass painting.”

6, Can you explain any of your paintings?

“At my recent exhibition in January 2020, the one painting which was a favourite with all was the Badha Konasana ( Butterfly pose ) painting. The Bittil asana ( Cow pose) came next. In the Badha Konasana painting I am showing the human sitting in the Butterfly pose and how all the butterflies are rejoicing to see the human taking their shape .

A sculpture which was highly appreciated by viewers at my exhibition was my sculpture titled Dhyani mudra. Dhyani means meditation in Sanskrit. This is a typical meditation pose plus a sign of compliance.The palms of the hand are positioned like bowls in a lap.”

7.Any upcoming exhibition, where can we look for your art works?

“January 2020  started with an exhibition of my Yoga paintings and sculptures in Chennai.Due to the pandemic all art galleries are closed indefinitely now.

My works can be viewed on my website

  • Any Comments or Suggestions

“The younger generation hardly knows much about our folk arts and traditions. Every state in India has so much to offer in terms of art and culture which I try to teach my students. I wish the education system could include study of our Indian art and culture too in the curriculum.”

I once again would like to thank all my teachers , and wish you all a very happy teacher’s day


Today evening I got notification from wordpress that my blog Bhavkriti – BHAVNA YADAV has received 100 likes. I know the number can be small but it is still an achievement and also boosts my confidence .

I would like to thank all my wordpress community, my followers and viewers .I am extremely grateful to all of you for reading all my posts and also liking them and commenting on them.

Do continue reading and give your views


Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is worshiped throughout India. Before starting any work we are advised to invoke Shri Ganesha . He is destroyer of obstacles wiper of sorrows and bestower of happiness

 We all know about lord Ganesha’s birth story and how Ma Parvati took the dirt from her body and created a boy out of it. There is a special meaning behind this. how can a boy not recognize his own father ? Shivji who is a God and who has returned from meditation how can he get so angry to cut the child’s head. It means that today maybe we our meditating for 1 or 2 hours to stay calm and peaceful but after a few minutes we loose our mind, and can do something unexpected during that time.Further the boy being created by dirt or clay signifies that we are made up of clay in reality and God cut’s off our ego and replaces it with soul conscious, which is filled with wisdom and purity.

If we observe Lord Ganesha’s body parts they try to teach us something . His head and face is very huge and eyes are small and tiny . it means to be wise and intellect and be farsightedness. It is important to think of the consequence of our karma which we are doing , Everything whatever we think speak and do is our karma and it is important to think about the effects of the karma in the future.

 The mouth is small meaning to speak less but the ears are large meaning to listen more so we must talk less and listen more.

Lord Ganesha is shown with two tusks, but one is shown as broken this means that the world is filled with different types of groups, religion, different opinions, professions but still we all are united and have no differences with each other and share a mutual understanding with each other.and we are one world

Lord Ganesha’s trunk signifies that it can uproot a tree and at the same time can lovingly lift a small child. It means that a soul which becomes wise will be very soft , loving and powerful at the same time. It means to have the perfect balance of soft and power , love and law in our life and this is depicted by the trunk.

Lord Ganesha’s stomach is shown to be enormous. This implies he keeps all matters within himself.Today we all have so many information which we keep on passing and many of us also love to gossip about others this is not a good sign.We need to accept everything.

Lord Ganesha also has four shoulders. Each of the objects carries a beautiful significant. The axe in one of the hands is the axe of wisdom. It means to finish our negativity and bad vibes.

In the second hand a rope is shown. The rope implies discipline and self control in life.All activities and work in our life must be done with discipline and self control including what we are talking for example we must have a particular time to get up in the morning and sleep at night. We must always use the right words,right thought,right action, fair means of earning in our life. The rope in the hand also represent Lord Ganesha’s ability to pull us out of danger and lead us towards our goal

The third hand is show as giving blessings. Now a days if we look at our life today we are always asking for something. We must always be ready to give and give to everyone.We should give pure thoughts , pure words and blessings to others

The forth hand is shown holding Modak. It implies in be always be humble and down to earth. We can achieve great success and appreciation but we must remember and ensure not to become egoistic about our wisdom.

So we must not only worship Ganeshji but we need to inculcate his virtues in life.

Independence Day

India is a great Country. Many courageous patriots have sacrificed their lives to make India Independent.Many people have faced a lot of hardship in the freedom struggle.

By hosting the tricolor flag we glorify our Motherland India.

If we think about it everyone needs Independence. Freedom is required and important to not just human beings but the wildlife animals and birds also need freedom,Independence is dear to every living being including humans.Nobody likes bondage, someone else’s domiance or someone’s control.

Today as a country we are free, Independent India has its own bliss and joy. Freedom means to not have any kind of fear. So in today’s present world is every person leading a fearless life ? A life full of happiness , delight, prosperity.Are we getting the entire elation of freedom ? Every citizen needs to ask this question to themselves. This is today’s necessity there are negative thoughts , bitterness, imperfect attitude In today’s society we witness many dreadful atrocities, horrible deeds like murder, rape.This is because instead of peace our mind is full of agony and instead of respect and admiration for one another we fill our mind with ego. We can either be the master or the victim.

Independence can be further described as, Physical Independence and Emotional Independence.

Physical Independence means the Individual is physically fit and healthy. There are some people who are not fit, and unable to pick even a glass of water by themselves. For those individual independence means freedom from all the illness and disease and not to having depend on anyone.

Emotional Independence is when the individual does not choose or blame any situation for his emotional, eg anger, irritation,jealousy etc.It is when the individual chooses to respond to an situation and not just react.It is like anger does not control you but you control anger and the situation does not control the individual , but the individual controls the situation.

In Hindi we say स्वतंत्रता दिवस, here स्व means the soul and तंत्रता means the identity of our own self to develop the wisdom of the soul.

So let’s take this step and experience true independence wishing everyone a happy independence day