Holi is celebrated with great joy for two days. On the first day Holika Dahan materials such as cow dung etc. are burned in the Holika pyre. The next day  Dulhandi color is applied to each other

The story is that King Hirnayakashyapa wanted to kill his son Prahlad to prevent him from worshipping Lord Vishnu. The king took the help of his sister Holika.

Both Holika and Prahlad sat on the pyre. However, Prahlad did not burn due to his true devotion towards Lord Vishnu. but Holika burnt and died even though she wore a fire proof cloth.  

On the Holika dahan day people also burn They also burn koki (sweet roti) which is tied to a thread. The Koki burns, but the thread doesn’t. This is symbolic of the immortality of the soul.

The spirtual significance of Holi

Change is a constant thing in life. To be more specific earlier we had the Satyuga followed by Tretayuga then the Dwaparyuga and finally now the Kaliyuga. during these earlier times each individual or each soul had the 7 qualities or we can also say sat guni aatma . These included

1. Peace

2. Purity

3. Power

4. Happiness

5. Love

6. Bliss

7. Knowledge

However with  change and transformation we started falling into the vices of Lust,Anger,Greed,Jealousy,Ego all this led to sorrow .

It is during this HOLI time that God reminds us to become HOLY or pure  Purity is a mattar of happiness and peace . It is important to become pure in our thoughts words and in our action .

The real Holi signifies the burning of  evils etc. that are deep-rooted in our souls. These vices cause conflicts, enmity etc. among people, in the society. It is very important in today’s world that we burn our old vices and play a real holi

Happy Holi  


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