Basic Elements of Design

The basic elements of design are the guidelines for the artist. These guidelines help to create a not only well visually appealing design but also create a balance and help in communicating with the customer.

The Most basic elements of design are

Lines- are the most basic element of design. They can be smooth, continuous , Bold or thin. Some lines show a lot of power and energy like diagonal or bold lines. These lines try to catch the attention of the guest and lead the eye to the design.

  1. Color – color helps in creating the mood of the design. A simple monotone design in grey tone specifies the mood and the energy which the artist wants to portray. Similarly a combination of color is very challenging as well as important. All the characteristics of the color has to be taken into consideration.
  1. Shape -are formed when lines are enclosed and set by a boundary . These may include geometric shapes like squares ,circles, triangles etc Abstract shapes , These are shapes which do not exist in real and therefore are abstract. These may include logos, any symbolic design.
  1. Space – Space is the area surrounding an image. It can be Positive or Negative space. Negative space is the emptiness which the artist has created around the subject. At times the artist can draw a lot of attention to the Negative Space. Further Positive space refers wherein the main focus is on the image and not on the background.
  1. Texture – There are a lot of textures which the artist can use in the design and can make the design look three dimensional. It also builds up their visual appeal.
  1. Contrast – Is the visual difference which makes one object stand out from the other. Contrast creates attention of the guest and makes the guest notice any focal point created in the design.

These are some of the basic elements of design but there are other aspects as well like value, size, balance . To be perfect you can pick up one element at a time and work on it try working on it for eg if you take lines try making a design with different lines . Also try to see for yourself which lines are more bold and emphasizing than the other.Similarly you can work on the other elements as well like color try making a monotone drawing only focusing on the tones and hues of the color and another design in different colors trying to understand how one color reacts with another.

So all the best and have fun !

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