Pichwai Painting

Pichwai paintings are traditional paintings that emerged in Rajasthan. These artworks are done on cloths and hang at the back of the idol of Srinathji, primarily in the sanctum sanctorum at Nathdwara. It is also found in other Krishna temples. These paintings show the various moods of Krishna

 The main character of these paintings is Lord Krishna. However, the themes vary from Lord Krishna childhood tales, Radha Krishna paintings 

 The process of creating these paintings is quite unique. Firstly, the base material (Bhumibhand) is pasted on a plain surface and burnished for smoothness. Secondly, a sketch of the composition is done using either black or red ink. The natural stone colors are filled using various dry and wet techniques. Lastly, a border is done of the painting.

True colors are the essence of Pichwai art. Natural paints made from gold, coal, silver, indigo, zinc, saffron and other minerals are used for the artwork. Artists grind the colours, take the dust and add tree gum to paint their piece. Pink lotuses, peacocks, women, cows, village scenes and nature, are some of the most common subjects of a Pichwai painting.

 Pichwai art depicted the moods of the Lord on the canvas. However, with a change in mindset towards art and aesthetics, this art form is gradually evolving incorporating the contemporary elements

Also, the subject has undergone a transformation owing to the audience’s changing demands- artists are creating contemporary renditions of this traditional art form

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