Cubic Houses – Rotterdam

The Yellow Cubic Houses are a curious and magnificent architectural wonder located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Cube Houses were designed asymmetrically to resemble an abstract forest, each triangular roof representing a treetop

The Cube houses are located on Overblaak, right above the Blaak metro station. There are 38 small cubes and two so called super-cubes, all attached to each other.

Structurally, the cubes were designed to sit at 45°atop tilted on a hexagonal pole. They are made up of concrete floors, concrete pillars and wooden framing. Inside, the houses are divided into three levels accessed via a narrow staircase. The lower level is a triangular area used as the living room. The middle level houses the sleeping and bathing area, and the highest level is a spare area used either as a second bedroom or another living area. The Cube Houses have concrete walls and pillars, and a wooden frame, and each one has a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom, plus some have a rooftop garden space too. Each one has an area of 100m², although only around a quarter of the space is usable due to its shape.

Living in these cube house may become quite awkward  Although each cube house contains about 1,080 square feet of floor space, only a quarter of this, approximately 270 square feet, is usable due to the sharp angles of the architecture

Visitors can also visit the show cube or the  Museum-house, and experience how exactly is it to live in a small space like this

If you plan to visit Rotterdam then definitely stopover at the Cubic Houses, you will be really mesmerized by its phenomenon structural design.

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