Dubai Butterfly Park

Dubai is known for some of the best tourist attractions in the world and the Dubai Butterfly Park is a very interesting and educational tourist attraction

The Butterfly park is close to the Miracle Garden and it is a must see spot. The park is spread over 4000 square meters and housed in 3 large dome, which has climate control.

On entering it feels like you have entered the world of butterflies, you can find different color, big small and so many varieties of butterflies just hovering over you. Along with the butterflies there are lots of plant life and also has statues of deer, flamingoes, parrots, large butterflies and various other creatures. The place feels like a supernatural magical place, a world of fairies and butterflies ..

 It has almost 2600 types of Butterflies from everywhere throughout the world.

The butterflies hover over you and one can easily spend a couple of hours observing the butterflies. The visitors are allowed to hold the butterflies and at times these butterflies just came and happily sits on the visitor’s clothing or on the finger or anywhere else. Seeing all this is pure joy

There is also a small museum and souvenir shop and also  an excellent cafeteria, that serves snacks as well as cold and hot tea or coffee. 

In the end it was a great walking around, wondering from each section listening to the birds, water falling and seeing the butterflies.

6 thoughts on “Dubai Butterfly Park

    1. artistbhavnayadav Post author

      I have not visited the Kuala Lumpur butterfly park, but I am glad it brought back some pleasant memories 😊



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