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Book Review – Down by the Sea with Brush with brush and pen

Name of the book – Down by the Sea with Brush and Pen
Artist – Claudia Nice
Publication – North Light Books
In this book, the artist Claudia Nice teaches the readers the details of seascapes, She creates dynamic watercolor compositions with pen, ink, acrylic and gouache.
The artist, Claudia Nice provides over sixty step – by – step demonstration which includes drawing tips and techniques. The topics include painting the Seething Surf, Sandy beaches and sweeping shorelines, Sea Bluffs and Rocky Coastlines ,Fun in the Sun – Children at the Seashore, Harbors, Boats and Marinas, Still water Marshes and Deepwater Bays and a Tropical Paradise. The artist has given details to every little seascapes and has tried to create all sorts of coastal scenery like sea waves, seashore and also includes other activities at the beach.
This is an amazing informative book with step by step demonstration ,These demonstration makes it easy to understand and follow. The illustrations given are very good and outstanding. All the tips and techniques provided are very clear and easy to understand