Daily Archives: October 28, 2020

Miniature Wunderland – Hamburg

The Miniature Wunderland is a model railway and miniature airport attraction in Hamburg. Germany. The place looks magical with impressive details . The Model is breathtakingly designed.

It is an amazing place to spend the day. The Museum starts with the brief history , They also provide headsets which are also available in English and helps in explaining everything.

The main minature museum includes replicas of the entire cities including replicas of countries Sweden,U.S.A,Germany,Switzerland and Austria . The exhibits are absolutely mind blowing and a lot of attention is taken to detail. In many places there are button that can be pressed to see some action by the exhibits. These include work by construction workers with movement of crane, movement of ship and boat and many other activities

Some Highlights of the place include

  • The displays include working trains lights change from  day to night after every 15 minutes
  • There is a river that has a remote controlled boat . Also the tides can be achieved by pressing the button
  • The Airport is made on a perfect replica with complete takeoffs and landings
  • The roads are full of cars that auto matically move and also follow the traffic lights.
  • The train from Italy to Switzerland looks very impressive

The Museum is worth a visit and anyone visiting Hamburg must also plan and see this amazing wonderland.