Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October, the birth of Gandhiji – The father of the Nation is celebrated by remembering his teaching and ideas. The ideas of Non Violence, Swaraj and Honesty has won us our Independence. But how much is it relevant in today’s age ?

Non Violence

Gandhiji’s principle of Non Violence was based on compassion . In today’s time there is a great rise in anger and frustration. Many times this anger also results in physical violence .  

When we hear the word Non Violence, many of us firmly believe that we practise Non Violence, but we need to check violence can be in the physical form to hit someone, to exploit someone and lastly to hurt someone by the use of harsh words.Today we need to see that the words we speak are clean, and there is no thought of anger or aggression in them. We must try and avoid any thought or word that can cause pain or hurt to someone. Many times we have noticed that these pain continue for years and it only causes discomfort and pain.

Today let us try and be non violent not only in the physical form but also in our words and thoughts by doing this our mind will become clean . Clean from every aspect of negativity.

Swaraj – Self Rule 

Swaraj or self rule is to be free from any kind of influences and control .  In order to achieve the best in ourselves we require self control and self discipline . Also discipline increases will power and we are able to accomplish many impossible tasks


Gandhiji always believed in honesty and condemned the act of lying .

We all desire honesty and authenticity in people. Authenticity means to be the same inside and outside It happens so many times when we say something else and we mean something else. This is not harmony  However it’s not always black and white.

5 thoughts on “Gandhi Jayanti

    1. artistbhavnayadav Post author

      Yes Poverty is the worst form of violence as the poor class can not get enough education for their children and many times they are exploited by the higher class. Further they cannot develop deep values and are less educated so this can lead to increase in criminalization.



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