How to frame Art

Choosing the right frame can be a quite tricky and confusing . That is why today I am discussing such things and ideas with you which would surely help you.

To start with lets understand that the basic task of a frame is to provide structure and secure the art properly.Along with this the frame also enhances the art .

Now the first question which arises is that do all art pieces require to be framed or not. Mounted stretched canvas are smooth and it’s not important to frame them as they already have a wooden support at the back  and the sides of the canvas are stretched, but there is no rule if you want to frame it you can always go ahead and it will make your art look more beautiful.

There are some things to be taken care of while considering frames.

The type of art and its style can suggest its frame.For example an art of classical subject would look beautiful in a gold leaf frame or a traditional frame.Also as I discussed earlier that there is no fixed rule and you are always open to experiment and choose a frame which gels with your art and the room interiors.

In most cases large and big paintings look good in wide moldings . And at times we can also choose a multi-layered frame, which gives a totally unique look to the whole art.

In case your art is on a paper then you will need to first mount it at the back so that it gets a proper support and later can get it framed with a glass top.

And also always try to have a conversion with your framer . A good framer will always try to understand your art and suggest you the best.

Try and answer these questions, which will further help you in choosing the frame

1 Does your art look good when displayed?

2, Does your art fit well with the interior and decor of the room ?

  • How safe and secure is the art ?

And lastly when you are in confusion and doubt and not able to reach to a clear conclusion, try some combination in black and white . It looks classic and you may even opt for a neutral colours. But personally I prefer the classic black frame .

And remember a frame can make as much of an impact as a piece of art.

2 thoughts on “How to frame Art

  1. Minakshi

    Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight. Both are very nice painting as well as frame.and you are right if you not choose right frame it’s effect your art👍👍👍



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