Teacher’s Day

It is celebrated on the birthday of former President Sarvapalli Radhakrishan. He was a teacher and promoter of education

“The teacher is not the one who forces facts into the mind of the student but he who prepares him for the challenges of tomorrow.” These beautiful words by him explains how a teacher helps in making a student a great personality.

The future of a country lies in the hands of its children and teachers  lay the foundation to a child’s success in life and becoming a good human being.

Today as I remember all my teachers I would like to thank them for shaping me and always supporting me. There are some teachers who are always special in a students life . To me it is my class teacher in Class 8C, Mrs James.

Mrs James or ‘Maam’ as we addressed her was full of positivity; her vibes and energy were very high. She taught Maths which I never liked as a subject but she was very understanding and supportive . She was full of warmth and care. She boosted our confidence. She has helped me in becoming a better person and not to judge anyone.

Today I present to you an art conversation with my art Guru Mrs. Kamla Ravi Kumar, who not only helped me in understanding the subject but also made me realize my dream.

Her answers to questions are give below:

1.What do you like most about being an artist?

“It gives me the freedom to express my emotions through colour and design. It is also my stress buster. I become very calm and relaxed when I start painting or drawing and forget all my problems. I am very happy when I am drawing or painting.”

2. Did you always want to be an artist?

“From the very fact that I did an art course I knew that I wanted to be in the creative field and do creative things.

I have been an Interior Designer for nearly 10 years where I loved designing offices and residences. I started my studio to teach students and impart my knowledge about art and craft.”

3.  If not an artist what would you be ?

“ I would be an environmental activist since environmental well being is my next love.

I have been working with an NGO in Chennai, as a volunteer, teaching and creating environmental awareness to teachers and school kids.

I feel humans are abusing nature and the surroundings.”

4.What inspires you to paint ?

“My urge to create and translate my thoughts and emotions through my paintings inspires me.

In my first series of paintings, I explored the elements of nature.

Later, it was my fascination for Yoga that led me to teach and showcase Yoga and its amazing benefits through my art. I also have about thirty sculptures of Yoga Asanas and Yoga Mudra and twenty paintings of the various yoga asanas.”

5. What’s your work day like?

“I have a separate studio away from my home , which is my place of work .It is also the place where hobby artists and children come to learn from me.

I am in my studio in the morning for classes with hobby artists till lunch time. Here working women and home makers come to learn all types of media including water colours, oils, acrylics, charcoal or just pencil sketching.

I teach all the folk arts of India like Warli art, Madhubani painting, Gond painting, Kerala murals, Pichwai painting, and reverse glass painting.”

6, Can you explain any of your paintings?

“At my recent exhibition in January 2020, the one painting which was a favourite with all was the Badha Konasana ( Butterfly pose ) painting. The Bittil asana ( Cow pose) came next. In the Badha Konasana painting I am showing the human sitting in the Butterfly pose and how all the butterflies are rejoicing to see the human taking their shape .

A sculpture which was highly appreciated by viewers at my exhibition was my sculpture titled Dhyani mudra. Dhyani means meditation in Sanskrit. This is a typical meditation pose plus a sign of compliance.The palms of the hand are positioned like bowls in a lap.”

7.Any upcoming exhibition, where can we look for your art works?

“January 2020  started with an exhibition of my Yoga paintings and sculptures in Chennai.Due to the pandemic all art galleries are closed indefinitely now.

My works can be viewed on my website


  • Any Comments or Suggestions

“The younger generation hardly knows much about our folk arts and traditions. Every state in India has so much to offer in terms of art and culture which I try to teach my students. I wish the education system could include study of our Indian art and culture too in the curriculum.”

I once again would like to thank all my teachers , and wish you all a very happy teacher’s day

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