Childhood School Drawings

Since childhood I was very fond of drawing and colouring . It was my passion . I use to enjoy my art classes a lot in school.

I have always preserved my drawings with great care and I never had the thought of throwing them not even for a second. You can say I am very emotional and sentimental towards my art.Gradually with time I was able to create a file with all my drawings right from childhood . To be more specific I had included drawings from my junior school. . Later in the file I included some paintings I made at home and also some projects I did in my college.

Whenever I look at the file all the memories come alive

 and it feels very special

Today I would like to share some of the drawings and colouring from the file. Hope you like it

2 thoughts on “Childhood School Drawings

  1. mildredprincewelch

    Your childhood drawings demonstrate your artistic talent early on *&* by you saving them show your confidence in your talent to build on today *&* your drawings are childhood abstract that are important today to continue your artistic pursuit of success.

    “Childhood memories are Fountain of Youth unforgettable!”

    _-Van Prince

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  2. artistbhavnayadav Post author

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. The art file is like revisiting my childhood. I really appreciate your comment and please continue reading and sharing your thoughts.



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