Yeh khula aasmaan,

 yeh haseen waadiyaan,

Aa gaye ham kaha, ae mere sajna

These lines are so true and meaningful and that is exactly how we feel on the hills of Mount Titlis, It feels like we are on a different world . The scenic beauty of the valley wrapped in snow is very pleasing to the eye.

On reaching Titlis, we got a very lovely surprise, as we were welcomed by full size cutouts of Kajol and Shahrukh from their movie DDLJ.It is so very true that Indians , bollywood and swertzerland go togeather. There we clicked a number of photos and had an awesome time in the snow.

Moving ahead we went to the suspension bridge . It is the highest bridge in Europe and is hung by steel cables. To be honest it feels a little scary walking on the loose bridge and probably even more when there is a thunderstorm and the bridge vibrates due to the wind.But it’s worth a try and you must experience it.

We also went to the Glacier cave, the cave is in blue colour and the temperature inside is about – 1.5 degree celsius

To make the trip even more memorable we have many indian restaurants to choose from, It was just wow yes that’s the word Wow , imagine having piping hot masala tea with samosa or idli .

Had a great time. Sharing few photos of the trip


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