Daily Archives: August 19, 2020

Rubber Band Painting Technique

This painting produces a unique and vibrant texture , which may be used for any background or texture painting.

Materials Required

A packet of small rubber band


Pallette knife

Canvas or Canvas Pad

Acrylic Colors


  1. Begin by applying a heavy coat of gessoon the canvas with the help of a palatte knife
  2. Spread the rubber bands randomly on the canvas
  3. Apply a heavy coat of gesso on the rubber bands and leave it to dry completely     
  4. Once the canvas is completely dry,start applying colors . Add different colors to build up the texture and give it the unique look.
Spread heavy gesso on your canvas with the help of a pallette knife and spread rubber bands on it.
Cover the rubber bands with heavy gesso and leave it to dry completly
After the gesso has been completelydried start coloring it.

I am sure you are excited to try this painting , do share your experience and comments.