Independence Day

India is a great Country. Many courageous patriots have sacrificed their lives to make India Independent.Many people have faced a lot of hardship in the freedom struggle.

By hosting the tricolor flag we glorify our Motherland India.

If we think about it everyone needs Independence. Freedom is required and important to not just human beings but the wildlife animals and birds also need freedom,Independence is dear to every living being including humans.Nobody likes bondage, someone else’s domiance or someone’s control.

Today as a country we are free, Independent India has its own bliss and joy. Freedom means to not have any kind of fear. So in today’s present world is every person leading a fearless life ? A life full of happiness , delight, prosperity.Are we getting the entire elation of freedom ? Every citizen needs to ask this question to themselves. This is today’s necessity there are negative thoughts , bitterness, imperfect attitude In today’s society we witness many dreadful atrocities, horrible deeds like murder, rape.This is because instead of peace our mind is full of agony and instead of respect and admiration for one another we fill our mind with ego. We can either be the master or the victim.

Independence can be further described as, Physical Independence and Emotional Independence.

Physical Independence means the Individual is physically fit and healthy. There are some people who are not fit, and unable to pick even a glass of water by themselves. For those individual independence means freedom from all the illness and disease and not to having depend on anyone.

Emotional Independence is when the individual does not choose or blame any situation for his emotional, eg anger, irritation,jealousy etc.It is when the individual chooses to respond to an situation and not just react.It is like anger does not control you but you control anger and the situation does not control the individual , but the individual controls the situation.

In Hindi we say स्वतंत्रता दिवस, here स्व means the soul and तंत्रता means the identity of our own self to develop the wisdom of the soul.

So let’s take this step and experience true independence wishing everyone a happy independence day

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