Krishna Janamashtami

On Janamashtami, we remember Shree Krishna the lord who had an image of perfection. He was 16 kala sampuran .

On his birthday many rituals are followed, Let’s go a little deep and understand Lord Krishna’s Personality.He had a persona that anyone could be attracted with. Many of us who like the childhood of Krishna, worship him as Bal Krishna. During his childhood, he was very naughty and was known for stealing white butter. For this it is said that our hearts must be as pure and soft as butter. And Similarly our hearts need to be spotless and there should not be any place for pride, greed, envy, hatred and ego in our heart. Some of us worship him in his young age where he is the lover of Radha. In many temples, also you can hear the chants of Radha Krishna.He was a true and dear friend to Sudhama. Besides these even as a warrior and a guide in the Mahabharta he played each and every role to perfection, but he did nothing to achieve this perfection it was only that his soul was perfect.

Today we are also playing many roles at the Social level, Professional level and at the family level and we are trying to play each role perfectly but at some point of time this is not possible at that time we try to put in extra effort , or in other words we need to prove we can do this for example to be a perfect student or a perfect employee. Now here we need to understand Shree Krishna never tried to be perfect it came naturally to him because his soul was perfect. Today we feel if my role is perfect then only I will be happy respected and  then only I can say that I have achieved much but the truth is that the soul needs to be perfect , then every work automatically will be perfect.

Shree Krishna teaches us to keep Dhram on top of everything including relations. Here many times we misunderstand the meaning of Dhram with the religions we created like Hindu , Muslim , Sikh etc. Dhram is nothing else but the original nature of the soul which is peace, purity, love,knowledge and wisdom.

Shree Krishna teaches us to question ourselves what am I doing ? and what is the purpose of this work . The answer we get will shape our identity and this is soul consciousness..

Today let us remember Shree Krishna not only externally but internally and let us evoke him in all our work and not for a single day but everyday.

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