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Raja Ravi Varma

Born – 29th April 1848, Trivandrum Travancore British raj India

Died – 2nd October 1906, Trivandrum Travancore British raj  India

Nationality – Indian

Raja Ravi Varma was a renowned Indian painter. He inspired the future generations to a great extent. Ravi Varma was closely related to the royal family . Even the title Raja was given to him by the then Viceroy and the Governor General of India.

Ravi Varma was born in a creative family his father Ezhumavil Neelakanthan Bhattatripad was a scholar of Sanskrit and Ayurveda and mother Umayamba Thampurrati was a poet and writer and from a very young age Ravi Varma was inclined towards art . Ravi Varma’s brother Raja verma was also a painter and worked closely with him.

From a very young age Ravi Varma was interested in art and color, he used to colour the walls of his house and make drawings of animals or everyday daily work chores. His Uncle Raja Raja Varma noticed his potential in the field of art and decided to get him formal training in water colors.After being trained by various artists Ravi Varma emerged as a finest Indian Painter. He excelled in depicting scenes from Indian literature and epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

He combined Indian tradition with European technique. Further he made lithographs available of his paintings to the public. It was for this reason that the common people started developing a interest in fine art.

Awards and Achievements

  • 1904, the Viceroy lord Curzon bestowed upon Verma the Kaisar – I- Hind Gold Medal
  • In 1873 he won an award in Vienna
  • In 1893 at the world Columbian Exposition he was bestowed with three gold medals for his work of art
  • Several schools, colleges, institutions have been named after him.

Some of his major works include

He will always be remembered for his key contribution to the society and his important art works.


Yeh khula aasmaan,

 yeh haseen waadiyaan,

Aa gaye ham kaha, ae mere sajna

These lines are so true and meaningful and that is exactly how we feel on the hills of Mount Titlis, It feels like we are on a different world . The scenic beauty of the valley wrapped in snow is very pleasing to the eye.

On reaching Titlis, we got a very lovely surprise, as we were welcomed by full size cutouts of Kajol and Shahrukh from their movie DDLJ.It is so very true that Indians , bollywood and swertzerland go togeather. There we clicked a number of photos and had an awesome time in the snow.

Moving ahead we went to the suspension bridge . It is the highest bridge in Europe and is hung by steel cables. To be honest it feels a little scary walking on the loose bridge and probably even more when there is a thunderstorm and the bridge vibrates due to the wind.But it’s worth a try and you must experience it.

We also went to the Glacier cave, the cave is in blue colour and the temperature inside is about – 1.5 degree celsius

To make the trip even more memorable we have many indian restaurants to choose from, It was just wow yes that’s the word Wow , imagine having piping hot masala tea with samosa or idli .

Had a great time. Sharing few photos of the trip

Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is worshiped throughout India. Before starting any work we are advised to invoke Shri Ganesha . He is destroyer of obstacles wiper of sorrows and bestower of happiness

 We all know about lord Ganesha’s birth story and how Ma Parvati took the dirt from her body and created a boy out of it. There is a special meaning behind this. how can a boy not recognize his own father ? Shivji who is a God and who has returned from meditation how can he get so angry to cut the child’s head. It means that today maybe we our meditating for 1 or 2 hours to stay calm and peaceful but after a few minutes we loose our mind, and can do something unexpected during that time.Further the boy being created by dirt or clay signifies that we are made up of clay in reality and God cut’s off our ego and replaces it with soul conscious, which is filled with wisdom and purity.

If we observe Lord Ganesha’s body parts they try to teach us something . His head and face is very huge and eyes are small and tiny . it means to be wise and intellect and be farsightedness. It is important to think of the consequence of our karma which we are doing , Everything whatever we think speak and do is our karma and it is important to think about the effects of the karma in the future.

 The mouth is small meaning to speak less but the ears are large meaning to listen more so we must talk less and listen more.

Lord Ganesha is shown with two tusks, but one is shown as broken this means that the world is filled with different types of groups, religion, different opinions, professions but still we all are united and have no differences with each other and share a mutual understanding with each other.and we are one world

Lord Ganesha’s trunk signifies that it can uproot a tree and at the same time can lovingly lift a small child. It means that a soul which becomes wise will be very soft , loving and powerful at the same time. It means to have the perfect balance of soft and power , love and law in our life and this is depicted by the trunk.

Lord Ganesha’s stomach is shown to be enormous. This implies he keeps all matters within himself.Today we all have so many information which we keep on passing and many of us also love to gossip about others this is not a good sign.We need to accept everything.

Lord Ganesha also has four shoulders. Each of the objects carries a beautiful significant. The axe in one of the hands is the axe of wisdom. It means to finish our negativity and bad vibes.

In the second hand a rope is shown. The rope implies discipline and self control in life.All activities and work in our life must be done with discipline and self control including what we are talking for example we must have a particular time to get up in the morning and sleep at night. We must always use the right words,right thought,right action, fair means of earning in our life. The rope in the hand also represent Lord Ganesha’s ability to pull us out of danger and lead us towards our goal

The third hand is show as giving blessings. Now a days if we look at our life today we are always asking for something. We must always be ready to give and give to everyone.We should give pure thoughts , pure words and blessings to others

The forth hand is shown holding Modak. It implies in be always be humble and down to earth. We can achieve great success and appreciation but we must remember and ensure not to become egoistic about our wisdom.

So we must not only worship Ganeshji but we need to inculcate his virtues in life.

Rubber Band Painting Technique

This painting produces a unique and vibrant texture , which may be used for any background or texture painting.

Materials Required

A packet of small rubber band


Pallette knife

Canvas or Canvas Pad

Acrylic Colors


  1. Begin by applying a heavy coat of gessoon the canvas with the help of a palatte knife
  2. Spread the rubber bands randomly on the canvas
  3. Apply a heavy coat of gesso on the rubber bands and leave it to dry completely     
  4. Once the canvas is completely dry,start applying colors . Add different colors to build up the texture and give it the unique look.
Spread heavy gesso on your canvas with the help of a pallette knife and spread rubber bands on it.
Cover the rubber bands with heavy gesso and leave it to dry completly
After the gesso has been completelydried start coloring it.

I am sure you are excited to try this painting , do share your experience and comments.

Independence Day

India is a great Country. Many courageous patriots have sacrificed their lives to make India Independent.Many people have faced a lot of hardship in the freedom struggle.

By hosting the tricolor flag we glorify our Motherland India.

If we think about it everyone needs Independence. Freedom is required and important to not just human beings but the wildlife animals and birds also need freedom,Independence is dear to every living being including humans.Nobody likes bondage, someone else’s domiance or someone’s control.

Today as a country we are free, Independent India has its own bliss and joy. Freedom means to not have any kind of fear. So in today’s present world is every person leading a fearless life ? A life full of happiness , delight, prosperity.Are we getting the entire elation of freedom ? Every citizen needs to ask this question to themselves. This is today’s necessity there are negative thoughts , bitterness, imperfect attitude In today’s society we witness many dreadful atrocities, horrible deeds like murder, rape.This is because instead of peace our mind is full of agony and instead of respect and admiration for one another we fill our mind with ego. We can either be the master or the victim.

Independence can be further described as, Physical Independence and Emotional Independence.

Physical Independence means the Individual is physically fit and healthy. There are some people who are not fit, and unable to pick even a glass of water by themselves. For those individual independence means freedom from all the illness and disease and not to having depend on anyone.

Emotional Independence is when the individual does not choose or blame any situation for his emotional, eg anger, irritation,jealousy etc.It is when the individual chooses to respond to an situation and not just react.It is like anger does not control you but you control anger and the situation does not control the individual , but the individual controls the situation.

In Hindi we say स्वतंत्रता दिवस, here स्व means the soul and तंत्रता means the identity of our own self to develop the wisdom of the soul.

So let’s take this step and experience true independence wishing everyone a happy independence day

Krishna Janamashtami

On Janamashtami, we remember Shree Krishna the lord who had an image of perfection. He was 16 kala sampuran .

On his birthday many rituals are followed, Let’s go a little deep and understand Lord Krishna’s Personality.He had a persona that anyone could be attracted with. Many of us who like the childhood of Krishna, worship him as Bal Krishna. During his childhood, he was very naughty and was known for stealing white butter. For this it is said that our hearts must be as pure and soft as butter. And Similarly our hearts need to be spotless and there should not be any place for pride, greed, envy, hatred and ego in our heart. Some of us worship him in his young age where he is the lover of Radha. In many temples, also you can hear the chants of Radha Krishna.He was a true and dear friend to Sudhama. Besides these even as a warrior and a guide in the Mahabharta he played each and every role to perfection, but he did nothing to achieve this perfection it was only that his soul was perfect.

Today we are also playing many roles at the Social level, Professional level and at the family level and we are trying to play each role perfectly but at some point of time this is not possible at that time we try to put in extra effort , or in other words we need to prove we can do this for example to be a perfect student or a perfect employee. Now here we need to understand Shree Krishna never tried to be perfect it came naturally to him because his soul was perfect. Today we feel if my role is perfect then only I will be happy respected and  then only I can say that I have achieved much but the truth is that the soul needs to be perfect , then every work automatically will be perfect.

Shree Krishna teaches us to keep Dhram on top of everything including relations. Here many times we misunderstand the meaning of Dhram with the religions we created like Hindu , Muslim , Sikh etc. Dhram is nothing else but the original nature of the soul which is peace, purity, love,knowledge and wisdom.

Shree Krishna teaches us to question ourselves what am I doing ? and what is the purpose of this work . The answer we get will shape our identity and this is soul consciousness..

Today let us remember Shree Krishna not only externally but internally and let us evoke him in all our work and not for a single day but everyday.

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is popularly known as Rakhi. It is celebrated in India. It is a festival which celebrates the bond between brothers and Sisters.The sisters tying the rakhi on the wrist of their brothers, is symbolic of good health, prosperity and happiness for their brother.It is the purest relationship of all the relationships as we (siblings) have grown up together, we have had our small quarrels and innocence as well.As children there was lot of purity and innocence within us.

But now as we grow up, things change, Now it has become more of a ritual and a practise . There is more emphasis on the feature of giving and taking.

Today let’s try and understand the deeper meaning and the significance of the festival.


The sister applying “Tilak” on the forehead of their brothers is a symbol of awakening one’s soul and to realize one’s true identity.

Tying the Rakhi

Is a symbol of purity and to make an oath to stay in the original nature of peace, love,purity,wisdom and mercy.


The sweet which is offered becomes our true protector and showers us with unlimited peace and happiness

Today let’s revisit our childhood, the times we had spent together with our siblings laughing and playing. If there is any pain let’s delete it and try to understand each other from their point of perception.

The best gift, siblings can give each other on this day is understanding . Let us make this a beautiful bond and let love vibrate and flow naturally and let’s bless each other.