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The Bernina Express is a real scenic fantastic panoramic train adventure. It covers some of the best views of Switzerland.

However we were not able to get the reservation or the advance booking done but we were lucky to get the booking done at the counter in Zurich.Normally it’s very crowded and advance booking takes place but we were quite lucky, I would advice you all to go in for the reservation before hand.

 After getting our tickets we boarded our train to Chur, (This is the boarding station of the Berina Express ).The train had large Panorama windows but they could not open. The tourists in the train were free to capture as many photos as they liked.

This train travels through the UNESCO world Heritage site and covers some of the most beautiful scenes.

Inside the train there is a snack service available, and the tourists are also welcome to bring their own foods

The train leaves from Chur Switzerland and reaches Tirana Italy and vica versa , It takes approximately 4 hours to complete the whole journey.The journey includes some amazing views of large glaciers and snow – capped hills.There are a number of castles along the valley , some impressive mountains

This is an experience one can never forget . The whole experience was very memorable.

Sharing some pictures we took