Daily Archives: July 21, 2020

Book Review – Surface Treatment Workshop

Name of the book – Surface Treatment Workshop

Author – Darlene Olivia Mcelroy

       – Sandra Duran Wilson

Publisher – North light Books

I liked this book, people who are interested in mixed media as well as other surface treatments which gives a very creative and a whole new look to the project will most probably be interested in buying the book.

Readers can gain knowledge of various mixed media projects . The book covers over forty five techniques, These include additives, resists and subtractive or combination techniques . In each different topics are covered like crackle paste , aluminium foil under Additives . Plastic Wrap, soap etc under the Subtractive or the combination technique. and Scribbing and Sanding etc under the Resist Technique.The book is very well written. It has photos and also explains the materials and the tools required. These photos give a better understanding of the project. Also in every project tips are  provided and a number of variation projects are also given for a better and clear understanding.

The book is very interesting and is a must for all art lovers and mixed media artist.