Daily Archives: July 18, 2020

Art for Stress Relief and Happiness

Most of us have all enjoyed art in our childhood.We have experienced the joy of making small sculptures with dough and also painting with crayons.

But as we grow up we become busy in our daily life and routine. This constant life may add to mental stress.

Art helps in personal growth and development and helps to relief oneself from stress and anxiety.It is a source of relaxation .As we connect ourselves with art, we are able to break from our daily stress and thoughts.For many people it works as meditation and helps to de- stress, It helps to stay positive.

Trying new ideas helps to overcome anxiety and keeps us alive and fresh as it removes all the negative thoughts of our minds.

Try doing something new, something you loved to do as a child and do something just for yourself. Witness the joy and happiness it adds to your life . Further it would also boost your personality and confidence.So pick up the colors and be the child again and have fun !