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The Bernina Express is a real scenic fantastic panoramic train adventure. It covers some of the best views of Switzerland.

However we were not able to get the reservation or the advance booking done but we were lucky to get the booking done at the counter in Zurich.Normally it’s very crowded and advance booking takes place but we were quite lucky, I would advice you all to go in for the reservation before hand.

 After getting our tickets we boarded our train to Chur, (This is the boarding station of the Berina Express ).The train had large Panorama windows but they could not open. The tourists in the train were free to capture as many photos as they liked.

This train travels through the UNESCO world Heritage site and covers some of the most beautiful scenes.

Inside the train there is a snack service available, and the tourists are also welcome to bring their own foods

The train leaves from Chur Switzerland and reaches Tirana Italy and vica versa , It takes approximately 4 hours to complete the whole journey.The journey includes some amazing views of large glaciers and snow – capped hills.There are a number of castles along the valley , some impressive mountains

This is an experience one can never forget . The whole experience was very memorable.

Sharing some pictures we took

Book Review – Surface Treatment Workshop

Name of the book – Surface Treatment Workshop

Author – Darlene Olivia Mcelroy

       – Sandra Duran Wilson

Publisher – North light Books

I liked this book, people who are interested in mixed media as well as other surface treatments which gives a very creative and a whole new look to the project will most probably be interested in buying the book.

Readers can gain knowledge of various mixed media projects . The book covers over forty five techniques, These include additives, resists and subtractive or combination techniques . In each different topics are covered like crackle paste , aluminium foil under Additives . Plastic Wrap, soap etc under the Subtractive or the combination technique. and Scribbing and Sanding etc under the Resist Technique.The book is very well written. It has photos and also explains the materials and the tools required. These photos give a better understanding of the project. Also in every project tips are  provided and a number of variation projects are also given for a better and clear understanding.

The book is very interesting and is a must for all art lovers and mixed media artist.

Art for Stress Relief and Happiness

Most of us have all enjoyed art in our childhood.We have experienced the joy of making small sculptures with dough and also painting with crayons.

But as we grow up we become busy in our daily life and routine. This constant life may add to mental stress.

Art helps in personal growth and development and helps to relief oneself from stress and anxiety.It is a source of relaxation .As we connect ourselves with art, we are able to break from our daily stress and thoughts.For many people it works as meditation and helps to de- stress, It helps to stay positive.

Trying new ideas helps to overcome anxiety and keeps us alive and fresh as it removes all the negative thoughts of our minds.

Try doing something new, something you loved to do as a child and do something just for yourself. Witness the joy and happiness it adds to your life . Further it would also boost your personality and confidence.So pick up the colors and be the child again and have fun !

Tulip Garden – Amsterdam

Dekha ek khwaab to yeh silsile hue

Door tak nigahon mein hain gul khile hue

Dekha ek khwaab to yeh silsile hue

Door tak nigahon mein hain gul khile hue

Yeh gila hai aapki nigahon se

Phool bhi ho darmiyaan to faasle hue

Dekha ek khwab to yeh silsile hue

Door tak nigahon mein hain gul khile hue

English Translation of the above lines.

I saw a dream and these events occured. Till far, I can see roses blooming in my eyes. I saw a dream and these events occured. Till far, I can see roses blooming in my eyes. I have this complaint with your eyes. Even flowers between us create a distance. I saw a dream and these events occured. Till far, I can see roses blooming in my eyes.

Really this song is absolutely perfect.And everywhere you can see there are only flowers. This sight is a paradise, There is beauty everywhere.

I am talking about Europe’s largest and the most beautiful Tulip Garden , The Keukenhof Garden – Amsterdam. This garden is built in 32 Hectares

Netherlands in itself is a very beautiful country with beautiful landscape and canals but in the month of spring the country looks splendid with tulips and other flowers blossoming everywhere.The gardens are not very far from Amsterdam and it is easily accessible by car as well as railways. Millions of flowers are grown every year. The garden has an amazing collection of tulips,Daffodils,Orchids and roses and many other varieties of flowers. Apart from these the flower beds and sculptures look wonderful

Every year a special theme is planned and all the flower sculptures and flower beds are made in such a way that they resemble the theme well.The theme for 2019 was Flower Power and it showed the strength of the flowers.The garden is open fro March to May every year .KeuKenhof attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Also remember to visit the flower fields and if you visit it on a bike or a cycle it will add more adventure to your trip.

In addition to this also remember to watch the Flower Parade. The parade is held every year and it is totally unique and all the tableaux makes uses of fresh spring flowers like tulips. . Millions of visitors come to visit the parade.

Overall it is an unforgettable Experience.

Favourite Online Art Supply Stores

It’s not an easy task to always get your art supplies.most of professional art supplies are not available in the local stationary shop.

So if you like to shop from the comfort of your house.I am listing down some really nice online stores.

Creative Hands

It includes a wide range of canvases, different types of papers, easels, all types of brushes and the store has a wide range of art accessories.


B – 303, Axis Mall, South Extension, Sub Central Business District Newtown Kolkata West Bengal – 7000156 Mobile +919674044111 Email –

Art Lounge

An exclusive art supply shop.It has a variety of paints, like spray paints, oil paints, acrylic paints, brushes, canvas, etc.The customer has a lot of variety to choose from.


3A, Karim Chambers, 1st floor, Ambalal Doshi Marg next to Theobroma, Kala Ghoda Mumbai Maharastra – 400023

Mobile – 8169827845 Email

HTC Online

HTC Online is a major online art supply in South India. The art store is located in Royapettah, Chennai. The store deals in various drawing pens, sketch books, canvas and brushes.


Shop no 171-172 Justice Pratap Singh Building10A Complex, First Floor,69135 Roapettah High Road Chennai 600014 Mobile + 91 8939177621 Email

Himalaya Fine Art

Is my favourite online art store, I always enjoy seeing their products. They have a number of art supplies like paints, mediums, brushes. Besides these they also have a craft section and also include pottery tools, fabric painting colors and the store also keeps portfolio bags etc. The store offers excellent art supplies all over India at an excellent price. They offer great quality shipping and all the products are well packed and delivered on time.


3, Himalayan House, 79 Pelton Road CST, Mumbai – 400001

Mobile +91 7045254085

With Online Shopping you can get the best art products,at the comfort of our home, so go and check out these fabulous art stores and also suggest some of your favourite art stores.

So go ahead and check out these fabulous sites, and purchase some of your favourite art supplies.