Artists I admire

I admire the manner in which some artists paint . Their paintings are unique and one just can’t stop admiring their work.


His paintings are breath taking and he adds life to all his figures. The background are vibrant and rich and he has a distinctive style in which he tries to merge the background with the figure . Apart from this the detail in the background and the painting look very real.


Ashok Bhowmick is a senior renowned artist. He paints figures using his unique cross hatching style with pen and ink . All his paintings have a in – depth meaning to them.


Is a Semi Realistic Painter .  His paintings revolve around men and women engrossed in their emotions. It is the theme and the background which keeps the viewer engaged and this keeps the viewer absorbed and interested in the painting.


Is known for his charcoal work . He paints the face and tries to capture the face from different angles .This unique style creates a rhythm in his painting and the viewer gets engrossed in it.


Is a distinguished Indian Painter . Her painting mostly project women doing various tasks. She is a versatile Painter.


Works revolve around a number of textures ranging from different cloth and other tools . Her work celebrates beauty in women . She has been facilitated b the Lalit Kala Akademy for being an achiever in Contemporary Indian Art .

Do write about some of your favorite artists, and what you like about them ? Happy Painting !

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