Museum of illusion – Dubai

The museum of illusion is a fun place, you can easily spend more than one hour in the museum. It is built in 450 sq.meter.

It has been designed by some very capable and renowned architects, designers and artists. All the paintings and the Installments create a fascination and all of them appear as real on the camera also the visitor gets a chance to become a part of the art installment.

The Museum is divided into three sections Master Illusions, Grand Illusions and Optical Illusions and some of the popular attractions include Vortex Tunnel, Chair Illusion,Gravity defying, Slanted Room, Infinity Room and visitors will get a totally different experience with 3D effects of mirrors and other objects.

All these attractions will not only amaze you but each will surprise you

So get ready for a wonderful experience that you have probably never had before and do remember to capture all the lovely moments in our camera.

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