Surface Treatment Workshop Book Review

Number of Pages -144

Written by – Sandra Duran Wilson

Darlene Olivia McElroy

The book provides the reader with multiple surface treatments with which he/she  can work. And with the help of these techniques the reader, artist will add, a new depth and texture to the artwork.

It includes 45 techniques like Pulled Paper, Gauze, Crackle Paste and many others

Some of my favorite treatments covered in the book are

  1. Gesso – Gesso is great for textures.  The Method includes<
    • Apply Gesso to the Surface using brush and knife add texture to the wet gesso and let it dry
  2. Plastic Wrap – Adds linear and abstract lines to the surface. The method of application is as provided below<
    • Add paint to the surface
    • While the paint is wet lay the plastic wrap over the paint and stretch it in various patterns.
    • After drying peel the plastic wrap
  3.  Salt – Gives a speckled effect to an area. The method of application includes
    • Paint the surface with paint diluted with water
    • On the top of the wet paint sprinkle different sizes of salt
    • After the paint is dry, use a tower to brush off the salt

All those who want to experiment with different surfaces, should try this book

rDSCN1412 rDSCN1414

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